What is Admin status?Edit

When a Journal is given Admin status, it gains the abilities to edit other Journals, transfer pages, and unlock new and advanced spells. This can only occur when a full-Admin (either the Positive or Negative Admins) allow the other Journals Admin access. Some pages are restricted from being viewed until an Admin is present.

What can Admin status do?Edit

Journals have been upgraded to Admin status can do the following:

  • Restrict or allow pages
  • Transfer pages from one Journal to another
  • Contact other Journals (quite obviously)
  • Contact their creators (but only legitimate Admins, not Admin-status Journals. This ONLY includes THE Admin Journal and the - Journal.)

What journals are admin?Edit

Triangulum Journal(s) Admin?
Dapper Admin journal Yes (duh)
TG 0, 4, -11, 33, 44, -44, - Yes
Em 5 Unknown
Kittykins 6, ? Unknown
Flame 7 Unknown
Electro 8, 15 Unknown
Billabob 9, △ Yes
Omega 10, 24 Unknown
Triangulum 12 12 Unknown
Surge 13 Unknown
Quack 27 Unknown
CoolGuy308 Ѧ Unknown
James 16, 23, 48, -1, /ⓞ\, Pixel journal, 100 Unknown
lsy 20 Unknown
HalfBlood14 94 Unknown
Overseer X, 31 Yes
Bill Cipher 32, Star journal Yes
Verialic 99, ∞ (Infinity) Unknown
Chip 0.5 Unknown
Pult 11 Unknown

We need more information! Help!Edit

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