Billabob is a dark blue Triangulum who wears a black top hat with a red line of silk near the base. He prefers to wear a black suit with a red tie. He says that the colour code of red and black is the best in the omniverse. His eye has a black pupil, a white retina and 5 eyelashes. (Note how the picture on the right incorrectly has eyelashes.)


Billabob owns Journal 9 and Journal Δ, though  little is known about Δ. Both Journals have been upgraded to admin status by Dapper.


Billabob can use almost all of the powers possible for a Triangulum to use; this is because journal △ is FULL of information. He normally chooses to use magic to attack, but is sometimes seen weilding a blade of ice. He is an exceptionally good swordfighter.

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