Blast Original
ƪƾϠ ƾɸ Δƪɤ ԄѦʃΔ
Basic Information
Name ƣƦѦʃΔ
Nickname (ѪɸƸɸɠҨɸ)
Gender ϠѦƦɤ
Family ƣƦѦʃΔ-2, ʃƪѦƍɠҨ ƣƦѦʃΔ(ԓƦɠɸɤ,)Ѧɸƍ ʃƪѦƍɠҨ ƣƦѦʃΔ(ϠƾϠƾԓ.)
Triangulum # ʃɠϠɤҨƪɤζɤ ƣɤΔҨɤɤɸ #19 Δɠ #33
Gender ϠѦƦɤ
Color ɮζɤɤɸ
-ԄʡζɠƸƾɸɤʃƾʃ ѪɸѪʃѪѦƦƦʡ
-ƦѦͰɤζʃ ƿζɠϠ ɤʡɤ Ѧɸƍ ƣɠҨΔƾɤ
-ʃѪԄɤζƾɠԄ ƿɠԓѪʃƾɸɮ
Other attributes
ƍƾƍɸ'Δ Δζʡ Δɠ ƣɤԓɠϠɤ Ѧ "ƍζɤѦϠ ƍɤϠɠɸ.
"..." -Blast

Blast WAS a green triangulum who wears a bowtie.  He possesses an artificial eye, and it is unclear whether the eye is a prosthetic, or simply an enhancement. He wears a dark green cape.


Blast is a pretty quirky triangulum who is loyal to any triangulum who he considers his allies and not the antagonists/enemies.


Blast currently owns two journals; Z and 304 which he hid somewhere,


Did you know...  *Blast was originally the color yellow and teal.

  • He is a former Triangulum.
    Blast NOW

    What Blast looks like right now(and his Tumblr icon.)

  • He was a sub-veteran Triangulum before he left.
  • He was triangulum ever since October 2013;seeing the 19 triangulum's misery of losing to Kaos but that never happened(the losing part) but joined TTC a month later(November.)
  • He has many accents.
  • He just came back to life; he looks torn up.
  • Why are you still reading this?
  • Just because he came back to life doesn't mean he's a sub-veteran. Now shoo! Get away.
  • He's not back in Scratch but he shows up on this wiki and Tumblr. FOR THE LAST TIME, GET AWAY.
  • WAIT A SECOND, WHERE'S HIS BOW TIE? *X-Files theme plays*

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