Verialic is a fairly new Triangulum to the Triangulum community. He is aquamarine and wears a black bowler hat, a black tie and a purple cape with a V like symbol embedded into it.He has four arms - two separate ones on his right side and one on his left, with another arm coming off of it. He eye has 6 lashes in total and his eyebrow is normally in a squiggly (~) position that gives him a questioning look.


Verialic currenly owns journal 99, which has been upgraded to Admin by Dapper Hat. It has been a cause of quite a few problems too (See Verialic's spell problems on The journal is currently being used to fight Kaos


Verialic seems to have a link to ice after his battle with SURGE.Apart from the ordinary Triangulum powers he appears to be able to conjour ice shards and a type of flame that gives off cold and looks blue, but not like a superheated flame. His journal may have a link to this but no-one can be sure.


Verialic's most common greeting is Howya doin'?

Verialic is generally quite upbeat but also quite random at some points.

Verialic is fighting againt Kaos as we speak...

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