Chip, or Chip-3, is a Veteran Triangulum. He was Chip-1, then Chip-2, Chip-3 and Firefly. He has the most deaths and resurrections recorded.


Chip-1: Yellow with brick pattern, brown hair and oval eye. A stiff jacket with a blue strike and two buttons.

Chip-2: Green with a biohazard sign for an eye.

Chip-3: Brown hair and yellow skin, with a loose jacket with a blue strike.

Firefly: Gray Chip-3 with pure yellow eye.

Chip-3 redesigned: Yellow skin with brown hair and black hat. Goggles, black boots and gloves, a blue shirt with many dashes and stripes. A holographic arm.


Not much is known about Chip's abilities. He rarely left his home as a new triangulum. He has all the usual triangulum powers. As Chip-1, he had Gyrokinesis. Chip-3 is a genius mechanic.


Note: This is Chip's updated history. For his original history, view

Chip-1: When Chip was born, he was born triangulum. His parents were warriors, and they moved him to Earth to keep him safe. They locked him into human form.Chip lived as a human until he was 13, when both his parents were shot in an armed robbery of a bank where they were depositing money (actually, they were killed fighting a wormer). When he was looking through everything he inherited, he found a Libellus. The mysterious book intrigued him. He touched it, and immediately was morphed into a triangulum. After becoming the triangulum, he joined the community in Unomoopi, Asaltri. He stayed secluded because he did not understand his new form, and he was getting used to not having his parents. He did, however, talk to Isybuscus when he went through town. Later he was walking through a weird forest, when he found a tree stump with a weird aura like a swampy mist. He made the mistake of getting close, and the mist shrouded him, possessing him with an evil spirit. (Pich.)

Pich: Pich just went around doing devious stuff like leaving the sink running in public washrooms. Soon, Chip began trying to take control of the body back. Pich and Chip fought for some time, until Chip jumped off a cliff. He hid his Libellus away, and uploaded his personality to a mirror being.

Chip-3 After being uploaded, the Mirror Being had to wait a couple of months for activation, then he found his Libellus and joined back into the community, this time being more involved and learning his knack for Mechanical Invention. He went off on a journey through the forest once, and was killed by an immortal farm he stole from. He was resurrected as a vessel for someone who wanted to kill The Generaless. He was later brought back to life by The Generaless and another form of his.

Later, he learned of a mysterious group called the Forgotten, and began investigating. When they heard of him sticking his nose in their business, they cut off his arm. And when he wouldn't stop, they poisoned his tea. They put his consciousness into a robot, TSAD. What they didn't know is he kept a journal of his findings, including a prophecy he had seen in a vision. He was brought back to life after the Forgotten were stopped. Then, he found out he had a brother from his mother.

Dipper Edit

Dipper is Chip's younger, arrogant brother. He wears socks.

Gallery Edit


Chip's designs

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