ԓƦƾԓƸ ƾɸ ƪƾʃ ƣѦʃƾԓ ƿɠζϠ
Basic Information
Name ԓƦƾԓƸɤζʃɠɸ жƾ
Nickname ԓƦƾԓƸ
Gender ϠѦƦɤ
Family ѪɸƸɸɠҨɸ
Triangulum # ʃɠϠɤҨƪɤζɤ ѦζɠѪɸƍ 20
Gender ϠѦƦɤ
Color ƍѦζƸ ɮζɤɤɸ ҨƾΔƪ ԓʡѦɸ ΔƾƦɤ ԄѦΔΔɤζɸ
ɸƾɮƪΔϠѦζɤ ƿζɤɸͰʡ
ɤʡɤ ƦѦʃɤζ
ɠΔƪɤζ ƣѦʃƾԓ ɤɸΔƾΔʡ ɠƿ ƾϠѦɮƾɸѦΔƾɠɸ ԄɠҨɤζʃ
ɠΔƪɤζ ƣѦʃƾԓ ΔζƾѦɸɮѪƦѪϠ ԄɠҨɤζʃ
Other attributes
~ʃԄƾƸʡ, ԓʡѦɸ ƪѦƾζ

~ԓʡѦɸ ɤʡɤ & ҨɤѦζʃ ɮƦѦʃʃɤʃ


Be careful, I byte!


Click is a green triangulum with a blue eye. His eye is blue because once when in dimension 033 he tripped into a puddle with really strong chemicals in it and therefor, turning it blue. He also wears a baseball cap with a lightbulb on it, so that he can hide the fact that his hair dances, when he takes it off!


Click has a very curious mind and can get a little random. Most of the time he's great friend to have and most of the time is in a good & creative, mood. Always (nearly) tries his best to be brave. If not, he tries to act cheerful & silly so the enemy gets confused. Helping his friends is something that he really enjoys doing. He also has EXTREME intelligence.


If he consentrates enough, his mind can share thoughts with a computer or, a device of some sort.He has very powerful fire ability but, some times it can get out of control! He can teleport through dimension and create nightmares in someones mind, he can construct something in his mind & use it in reality! A really power eye-laser is one of the things that he doesn't use that much. He can use invisability as an advantage, & can also use hypnotision! And alot of others that I'm not bothered to talk about...


Not much known but, there is a rumor of a really advanced chip, giving birth two a green micro technagle (techno triangle that's really small) that, may have fell into energetic molten lava that somehow merged with the technagle and formed a little triangulum but, that was about 3.7 million years ago and since then he has been able to link his mind to any sort of computer or maybe even living things if he consentrates enough!


Click owns: J.29,  J.86 & J.Portal


If you currupt his mind he becomes very weak. warm water is "highly poisonous" as he would say.


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Click likes to wear a veriaty of hats with loads of differents themes but, his main one is the lightbulb hat.


Click never gives up even when he knows he is useless sometimes

Click is a dog kind of triangulum

Click hates meat exept cheese burgers!!!

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