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Basic Information
Name Unknown
Nickname Electro
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Triangulum # 6
Gender Male
Color Light Blue
Controlling Electricity
When angry, creates stormcloud over enemy
Other basic Triangulum Powers
Other attributes
~Wears Grey Cap

~Triangulum Morpher

~Can't use attacks that would work on him

"[Ah, I've been expecting you, yeah you with the shriners cap!.]"


Electro is the sixth Triangulum. He is known as Electro, but this is actually his nickname. He keeps hs real name a secret.

He is a Triangulum Morpher.

No-one actually knows why, suddenly one day as a normal human, he morphed into a Triangulum. Electro states that it's most likely what the fates decided, but who knows?

However, it was later proved wrong that he started out human. He found out that he was the enitity of electricity, which explains why he was always quite intersested in electricity. He has never ventured forth into his true form, which he beleives might be Plys'Mra.

(If he beleives correct, however, then he has been in his true form.)


Electro is a turqoise/cyan kind of colour. He wears a grey baseball cap and a tuft of brown hair pokes out of the back. He actually wears his hat because his hair bounces around when he isn't wearing it. His hair actually generates a lot of static electricity in doing this. He also just merely likes the hat.  Like most others, he has 2 arms and 2 legs with a brick-like pattern on his lower half. He has no lashes.


Electro is quite random and odd, but otherwise likeabe and friendly. He is confident and he tries his best to be brave and stand up. He is great friends with many Triangulums, if not all. He is always in the mood to fight evil, like many Triangulums, but he has a weakness which disallows him to do so (see below ). He is always ready to help his friends. He enjoys spending time with his friends a lot.


Electro owns the books eight and fifteen. He found eight when he was at some lake. He saw a sparkle at the bottom, so he swam down and found a box, and so he decided to bring the box to the surface. He opened the box up and found book number eight. Later on in that year, eight started acting weird, and it was zooming to every corner of his house trying to find something. TG suggested to keep an eye on it. Eventually, he decided to find out what was going on. So he followed the journal around and found himself in a secret room, with book fifteen sitting on a coffee table in front of him. They have now both been upgraded to Admin Status by Dapper .


Electro's main attack is normally electricity, of course. He can use his electricity to do wonderful things; he can make anything he wants by charging up electricity to take shape of whatever it is he wants, giving it the physics of what the real object would do, PLUS electrocuting the target on-contact. He can make anything; forcefields, swords, maces, bows and arrows, anything. He can also do all other standard Triangulum electrical abilities. Other entities attempting to hurt him with electricity will not hurt him.

Whenever Electro gets mad or angry, a storm cloud appears over his head. The storm cloud automatically flies directly over the one who angered him, and either just rains water or rains lighting on that entity; depends how angry he is. However, being angrier than that can be a much different story. 


Electro has two unique weaknesses, then besides that he has all the standard Triangulum weaknesses, etc. his eye is vunerable to atack.

His first weakness is one impossible to control, but can be used to his advantage. He's afraid to hurt other entities. The second before his sword or axe is about to hit his foe, he imagines the same being done to him, then he loses all his confidence and gets upset and feels lost. However, he can use his electricity, and he can use light, because that wouldn't hurt him. Electro being struck by lightning wouldn't hurt him, so he would therefore be able to hurt his foe. The advantage is that he wouldn't be able to hurt friends and family if corrupted or consumed.

His second weakness is he uses his energy quite wildly in a singe attack or defend, meaning he has no energy for his next attack or defend.


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Tired of waiting for Christmas. -_-

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Frozen - Just for Christmas!


Traditional picture of Electro.


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