What are Gatherings? Where are they, and what is the purpose?

A Gathering is where most, if not all, of the Triangulum Community join to celebrate. This usually takes place a little ways from the Mystery Shack, in a small clearing with birch trees. (For those of you that have seen Dreamscaperers, this is the same clearing.)

In a Gathering, Triangulums from all over the multiverses join to celebrate something--whether it be a human holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Yuletime (Christmas, for some) a Triangulum holiday, such as Triangulum Day, or even for the heck of it. It homestly doesn't matter; we love to celebrate! During the meetings, we mingle, talk of our adventures, listen to music, prank each other--the list goes on. Generally speaking, we have a good time.

Every Gathering, more and more Triangulums join us, eager to be in the Community. With the threat from The Darkness looming over us and so little time to act, we take advantage of all chances at a little stress relief. We can also recruit Triangulums for the war, meet new Triangulums, and much more.

Thus, Gatherings!

2013 GatheringEdit

All Triangulums

2013 Gathering

In this Gathering, we were still a small Community, with only around 19 or so members. This was our first Gathering as a Community, and was a huge success. A friend of mine took quite a few pictures at this one, and they can be found here:

2013 Gathering Photographs

All Triangulums DARKNESS

tHe dAY wiLl COme

Here, you can see the alt picture that was taken. We recently found out that, when we go to Gatherings, our Shadow Clones mimic us in another dimension. They hold their own Gatherings, in a mirror world.

2013 Thanksgiving GatheringEdit


2013 Thanksgiving

In this Gathering our Community numbers exploded. With around 33 members, this was our biggest Gathering yet, and one of the most active ones to date. (If you're wondering why I, the Generaless, look so very beat up, it's a long story. It has to do with the Darkness. Not Kaos, but the entity that is controlling him.) The photos have finally developed, and here they are!

Thanksgiving Photographs


ThE DArkNEsS iS apProacHInG...

In the Shadow Clone version of this, we were rather surprised to find that all Triangulums--even the new members--already had Shadow Clones. (I wasn't too surprised to see that my clone was PERFECTLY FINE, since SHE wasn't the one who was tortured...)

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