Grim Steinbert
Basic Information
Name Grim Steinbert
Nickname Belt
Gender Male
Family None
Triangulum #  ?
Gender Male
Color Silver
Colourful palette of abilities
High resistance to darkness
Other Basic Triangulum Powers
Other attributes


Grim Steinbert (seldom shortened to "Bert" and Mockingly "Belt" due to the one he wears across his....waist?) is a Triangulum. He has no distinguishable features except for his silver body and eye less body, instead opting for a face. He also has two arms and two legs like most Triangulums, and a brick-like pattern on his body. He has 4 eyelashes on either side of his eye.


Belt can change the colour of his body to change what abilites he is using (that aren't passive ones). Unlike other Triangulums, Grim does not seem to posses any sort of Journal.


Belt is a straight laced piece of technology, and is honest about his words.



Do you know...

  • Nothing? Yeah, thought so.

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