James Triangulum

James, with 7 journals. He is also missing his amulet in this picture.

"Journals are the best!" -James

James is a blue 1000 year old triangulum, and the owner of  16, 23, 100, 10, -1, the pixel journal, and /ⓞ\. James fights with a sword called Backbiter, which is most certainly not stolen from the Percy Jackson series.

He is the owner of a brown dog.


James has brown messy hair and wears a black and blue checkered shirt along with an amulet designed to increase his power.


James first appeared in dimension 618, 1000 years ago.

In present times, he had finally found his first journal (Journal 16) while mining. Soon following, he found Journal 23 under a bridge in a forest. A few weeks later he found journal 100 in a bookshelf in his house. most recently he found journal 48 up in a tree.

He is close friends with The Generaless, Bill Cipher, Electro, Omega, Lumai, Quack, Kittykins, and Griffingeiger. James has a evil twin named Dark James.

In an incident involving a newly-obtained Pixel Journal, James was sucked into a 3DS game called "James the Triangulum".

Generaless helped him through the game until Dark James threw her inside, also, then proceeded to play the game himself.

James and TG explored the digital World 1. (Modeled after Dimension 618.) Exploring a secret castle alongside Lumai and Omega, who had also been warped inside the game, they found a secret portal to a digitalized version of Dimension 816, home of The Darkness. They fought and beat him, not however before James recieved a game over. All of the players, though, were transported safely out of the game.

In a more recent incident, James was kidnapped by Tri-Wolves and brought back to 816.

In another incident, he was corrupted by -1.

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