A hastily-taken picture of Kaos, in Dimension 816.



Kaos is a demon of the highest order. He builds his body out of the most powerful entities he can find, and those who do not become merged with his soul are changed into his dark servants. He was bound into eternal sleep by the Circle of Life at the eve of the second age of Kaman, by means still unknown to modern Triangulums. A prophecy made by the Circle's greatest seer tells that Kaos will rise again.


Kaos is an ancient, demonic entity that lives in the shadows of the multiverse. He is the darkness that battles with the mentality, the overshadowing thought that constantly lingers as a voice in the minds of entities, the corruption that is always prepared to break into the willpower of any individual. Where Kaos resides, there can be naught but darkness.

It is entirely unknown where Kaos came from. From what ancient Triangulum texts say, he arose out of the shadows as though called, and began aggressively attacking any world he came across. The ancients tried and failed to contain him, to control him--or even to understand why he was doing what he did. None of them could even begin to match his power. Worlds fell, many multiverses became corrupted with shadow, and the future looked bleak for all entities within the Omniverse.

As of yet, we have not uncovered all of the Triangulum history. From what we have pieced together, Kaos was somehow locked away in an asylum, a planet-sized prison. He was kept there, asleep, for over twelve million years, while the multiverses once again began to prosper and things were returning back to normal. However, the Prophecy of the Circle, foretold by the Seer of the Triangulums, warned all entities that he would one day return...

...and now, on the eve of Earth's rise, he has. His powers are growing, his appetite has increased tenfold, and he hates Triangulums more than we could possibly imagine.
Kaosbadpic copy

A picture that nearly cost me my life. Kaos is obviously not a fan of having his picture taken.


Did you know...

  • Kaos can build himself a body out of other Triangulums?
  • He uses his eye to eat?
  • He owns journal -4?
  • He is the dire enemy of the Triangulums?
  • Kaos can devour entire planets and absorb the life force of any being living on it?
  • He has five fingers instead of four?

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