Kittykins, known more as 'Kitty', is a pink triangulum with brown hair, and has 2 pink bows that can upgrade skills when she needs them. Her appearence is sometimes used to either confuse enimies or belive that Kitty is just an innocent small triangulum. (She sometimes changes size for it to be more convincing. While it changes size, it also changes age, which leads to even more mysteries of what her age really is.)


Kitty has 3 journals, one of which has a question mark, the other is one with a 6 on it. The most recent one she found was the Glitch Journal, a journal which doesn't really have a number since the number changes constantly. These have recently been upgraded to admin by Dapper Hat to fight against Kaos.


Kitty has used many random spells and learned many random spells, but mostley uses ones that involve fire. Her spells seemed to be always used without a chant. The rest is just regular abilities a triangulum could have and use. Kitty's abilities are pretty average compared to most other triangulums.


Kitty used to be a fun loving triangulum. She used to be random, silly, and just wanted to have a good time. However, she all of a sudden changed. She started to be more serious every day. Nobody really knows what occurred to her original, fun loving self.

Kitty's age:

Kitty has never mentioned her age at all or even told anyone secretly. Nobody really knows why she doesn't say anything about her age. Some of Kitty's old friends used to guess what her age could actually be. Some thought she might be five or six decades younger then TG, some thought she was about the same age as TG, and some even thought she didn't HAVE an age. (Worst conclusion ever.) It's most likely that Kitty's age will be a mystery for a long time.

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