Here is a list of all known Triangulums.Edit

         ~NAME~            ~AGE~           ~GENDER~
Bill Cipher Unknown Male
The Generaless 4.4 million years A BEING OF PURE ENERGY WITH NO WEAKNESSES/mostly female because I'm unique~!
Billabob 4.4 million years Male
Kittykins Unknown and forever unknown. Female♀
Electro Unknown Male
Flame Unknown Male
Surge Unknown Male
Isy Unknown Female♀
Overseer Unknown Male
Omega Unknown Male
Mitoman 12 Male
Quack Unknown Female♀
Verialic 4.2 million years Male
James 1000 years Male
Dapper 55 years Male
Jim Unknown Male
Sentient Cloud (SCT) Unknown Unknown
Blast 4 million years Male
Click 3.7 million years Male 
Noxium 3 million years Male
Trius unknown Male
Orion 602 years Male
Third 5 million years Male
Raivian 3,000,204 Female♀
Spaark 93 years Male
Grunge Unknown Female
Lokren Unknown Male
TR 50 years Male
Nadiveir Old Female
Shekra Unknown Female♀
Chip ~4,000 years older than Dipper Male
Gembird 22515 Female
Stan Unknown Male
Zork 8917362378K years Male
Dipper 7,145 Male
sabine 43567654324567654324567543245675432345676543212345654321234567654321345676543212345676543212345676543212345654321`23456765432134567654345678765434years male
TrianguLor Around the age of Kaos

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