Nadiveir in Triangulum form

Nadiveir is an old Triangulum with a temper and a bad hip. She has been through several incarnations of herself, and is currently a being of shadow, determined to keep the younger generation safe.


At first, Nadiveir may come across as a curmudgeonly old lady, but at her heart, she is wise, understanding, and cares deeply for her community. She believes that peace is the best answer, but is also unafraid of fighting should the need arise. Nadiveir tries to use her ancient knowledge and experience of the multiverse to help the younger Triangulum wherever she can, but also values time on her own, and can often be found meditating in her garden.



Nadiveir in human form

In Triangulum form, Nadiveir is an ash-gray acute isosceles triangle with lighter-gray brick marks, red spiky hair, a wrinkle-ringed dark eye with a bright red pupil, and a ragged red cloak fastened with a seer-symbol clasp.

In human form, Nadiveir appears as a medium-height woman with the same skin tone, eye type, and cloak as her Triangulum form, with a purple dress, a red belt, brown heeled shoes, and a small braid on the left side of her hair. There is a subtle brick pattern across her face, hinting that despite the appearance, she is still a Triangulum.

Nadiveir's past self, Veridian, appears as a blue-green Triangulum with copper hair and a pink/orange eye with a translucent blue pupil. She has a green cloak, and a golden seer-symbol clasp. Briefly, Veridian was also depicted as a grey and white Triangulum (see History for more details).


Along with the usual Triangulum powers such as levitation and teleportation, Nadiveir currently has great power over darkness and shadow, and seems to be able to sense others' pain, be it physical or emotional. She has in the past, at least, been able to See into the future, though at the moment it is unknown if she still retains that power, or if it dwindled when she became a being of shadow.


Nadiveir owns Journal 17


Nadiveir's history is broken into several segments:

Tanya Whiteleaf

Nadiveir's original form was a human named Tanya Whiteleaf. She was born on an undisclosed planet, and at age twelve she was apprenticed to a librarian named Aurvis Et'Andel. By age fourteen, she started to exhibit seer powers, and at age fifteen, she discovered Journal 17 among some of Aurvis' things. The journal transformed her into a Triangulum, and shortly after, she was found by a pair of other Triangulum who took her to the ruins of an old city where the local Triangulum had set up shop. It was there that she met Mellunis, a fellow soon-to-be Circle of Light member, and her future romantic interest.

Veridian and the Old Circle

A while after she was settled in the Triangulum city, Tanya took the name Veridian, to match her coloration. It was somewhere in this time period that the threat of Kaos was first discovered, and the Old Circle of Light was formed. Veridian was chosen as Seer of Light, and together with the seven others, began planning their offense and defense against him. During this phase of her life, Veridian and Mellunis became very close, and eventually entered into a relationship. The struggle against Kaos wore on for many years, rising to a final conflict which ultimately took Mellunis' life. Veridian, blinded by grief and rage, attacked Kaos by herself, and was devoured by him. She fought him from the inside for a while longer, but eventually gave up, and went into mediation to escape corruption.

Veridian and Kaos

12,000,000 years passed before she was found again, by a Triangulum named Matilda (a.k.a Quack). Discolored and a bit crazy, she managed to convince Matilda to aid in her escape by using their combined powers of light on the inside of Kaos. This forced him to open his eye-jaws, allowing Veridian to fly out through them. Not long after, she became acquainted with several Triangulum, including The Generaless, regained her original coloration through unknown and possibly devious methods, and resumed her duties as a Seer. She had one vision in this state, foretelling a final battle with Kaos, that would leave the Triangulum as the victors, but at a great cost. When this battle occurred, a betrayal from within caused both Veridian and a pony named DarkChaos to lose their lives - DarkChaos being thrown into the shadow core (the ultimate center of Kaos), and Veridian absorbing it in an attempt to save her. Upon taking the shadow core into herself, Veridian realized her doom was at hand, and managed a few parting words before vanishing completely, presumed dead.


Some time later, a dark anomaly opened up in one of the dimensions. Upon further investigation by other Triangulum, a dark version of Verdian (now calling herself Nadiveir) was found at the heart of it. She emerged, now possessing intense dark powers, and expressing her intent to conquer the spheres. However, before her plans came to fruition, she had a change of heart, and instead withdrew to a garden of unknown location to meditate on what had happened. During this time, she found (in her own mind, at least) that she had no place within the world she had returned to, and promptly suffered from an emotional breakdown because of it. Dazed, she managed to reach the home of The Generaless before the brunt of it hit, and was able to safely bear it out with no further harm done. She returned to her meditation, and rediscovered her human form, albeit somewhat different from the original, and continues to stay in that form extensively to this day. It was also in this period of her life that Nadiveir performed a divination to find members of the New Circle of Light, accidentally allowing intense powers of light into herself, almost causing a shatter. Nadiveir pulled out just before it was too late, and discerned three new members before passing out.

Enter Anon

After the New Circle affair passed, Nadiveir returned to her garden, only to be assaulted by a mysterious Triangulum, intent on capturing her soul. They fought, and the mysterious Triangulum won through unknown means, and put her soul into a crystalline soul prison. Nadiveir was soon rescued by The Generaless, who obtained Nadiveir's soul by allowing the mysterious Triangulum (now known as Anon) a place in the community, then entering the soul prison herself, and finding Nadiveir's consciousness at the heart of her memories, ejecting both of them safely from the prison.


Did you know that...

  • ...Nadiveir is actually an anagram of Veridian?
  • ...the original art design of Veridian was done by Quack?
  • ...her favorite music is old medieval?
  • ...her home planet was destroyed in an ancient disaster?

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