Spaark bitmap remade
Basic Information
Name Spaark (Surname Unknown)
Nickname N/A
Gender Male
Family Michael & Todd (Surname Unknown)
Triangulum # Unknown
Gender Male
Color Yellow
Other attributes
*Long, Blonde Hair
  • Lines instead of bricks

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Spaark is a fairly new triangulum to the community. He has medium-length blonde hair and a yellow body.


Spaark only owns journal 110 at the moment.


Spaark doesn't really have any special abilities that some other Triangulum can't have. His abilities are:

  • Shapeshifting
  • Mind Reading
  • Teleportation
  • Telekinesis


If Spaark is known for something, it's for his happiness. Spaark is almost never unhappy, or even melancholy. He's loyal, trustworthy, and a great friend, as well. You can trust Spaark to take care of anything. Well, almost. He has taken an enormous liking to duct tape, and things can get a little out of hand when he is near it. He dislikes near nothing. The two things he hates are conflict and evil. Those are things that make people unhappy, therefore he dislikes them. But, he hates evil more than conflict, so he will aid in battle when it's necessary.


(Alright, if you don't want to read this, there's a TL;DR at the bottom of this section.)

Spaark wasn't born as a 2.5-dimensional form, but a 4-dimensional form. As you can probably imagine, Triangulums are not supposed to be in such a form. His very existance caused a hole to form between dimensions. So, his parents had no choice but to send him where his form could be altered. The safest place they could find a planet named Earth residing in the 3rd dimension. They were hesitant, as they knew that the main species there were aggressive. Yet, they found it was the best place for him. Upon his arrival, he noticed he appeared to be in a farm of some sort. He found a young boy named Todd, and his father, Michael. Now, most humans would have contacted the local authorities, but Michael knew about the Triangulums, a sworn secret to him alone. And he knew they needed his help. So, they took Spaark in, adopting him, and Spaark changed into a 2.5-dimensional form. Over the years, Todd and Michael learned and practiced Spaark's newly discovered powers. He was pretty handy around the farm.

His human form was tall, skinny, and had long blonde hair. One day, he was transforming from his human form, when a sunbeam hit his eye. He flinched, causing a permanent effect: his hair. If he stays in his triangulum form, he will still keep his human hair.

TL;DR: Spaark was adopted, and got his hair in an accident. o3o


Did you know...

  • Spaark was originally a 4-dimensional form?
  • He wasn't born with his hair?
  • He loves duct tape?
  • He's a huge fan of Bill Cipher and TG?
  • Due to his dimensional-transformation, Spaark doesn't have bricks, only lines?


Artz o3o Bitmap

Spaark and TG

Spaark DuctTape bitmap

Spaark sure loves his duct tape!

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