Stardin is a triagulum that was full of raw power until he discovered star magic and became specialized in space magic and science but soon to defeat a pure chaos he was soon dying because of a major injury and his friends could not bear him to die so they cast a spell that which them performed wrong and corrupted him and the evil beings soul possessed him and he killed all of his friends and he soon became an evil shadow mimic (weird after affects of the spell gone wrong ) and then called him self shadin but soon once when he was raiding a forest he saw an amulet he grabbed and then put it on and soon the spell was half way undone and he didn't know that he was an evil chaos being and thought of himself a monster and soon committed good deeds but once he had fallen out of a dream one morning and to find he was in a room with nothing but a wooden box and took a peek for his curiosity got the the better of him and found a journal and soon read it to find within it a message "stardin you must remember who you once were" and soon stardin had awoken from his sleep in shadins body and then remembered how to brake the spell (from a book) and put his necklace and then as a ball of light consumed his body and he soon felt himself changing as his body was surronded by sparks of light swirled him and soon he felt his body restoring as his leg turned from flesh to metal and his eye from black to purple and soon he was fully restored and yelled "stardins back!!" and from that day on he made up for all of the lost time and let me tell you something Einstien wouldn't know E=mc2 without him.

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