A main and important member of TTC, Third is a dandy, three-armed Triangulum. Having been around for quite some time and being a very active Triangulum, he is a Pro-veteran and also a member of the Circle of Light.


Third is an orange Triangulum with a few rather interesting features. He lacks the brick patterns and eyelashes found on many other Triangulums, instead sporting a mouth and three arms. He has brown hair, always wears a red-and-white striped pork pie hat and has a brown and gold cane.


Third currently owns these Journals:

  • 456
  • 762
  • 658


While bearing all the typical Triangulum abilities such as magic, levitation, teleportation and so on, Third also has a knack for robotics and experiments. The full extend of said experiments is unknown, though his robotic works are the proof for his skill in these arts. He is the creator of TM2, a robotic copy of himself.

As the Scholar of Light, it is unknown whether or not he has recieved (or was born with) exceptional powers of a scholarly sort, though this is probably the case.

Personality and Other InformationEdit

A dandy, mysterious gentleman, Third is a kind, thoughtful and funny Triangulum. While he can be confusing at times in regard to his plans or ideas, he is generally quite open.

He fights in a very unique style as well, a cunning and resourceful tactic-based strategy, bringing the actual amount of combat to a minumum while still achieving the goal of winning/defeat of the opponent.

A member of a rather large family, consisting of First (grandfather), Second (father), Fourth (daughter), Fifth (unknown) and Sixth (also unknown). It is unknown if there are any other female members in the family, mainly because no one has actually asked him about it.


The way in which Third actually appeared and the mystery surrounding the rest of his backstory is difficult to figure out, even with many bits of knowledge about it scattered hither and yon. What can be discerned is that he appeared in a grey void in a different cosmos altogether, along with his hat and cane. Other than this, his history is rather secretive.


Did you know:

  • Third invented the Blob Fass, :3| ?
  • He apparently has a few clones of himself stored elsewhere?


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