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"Some call us guardians. Others call us angels. Humans call us monsters, demons. We call ourselves Triangulums." -Nameless

A Triangulum (Slang, Tri) is a species of energy being tasked with upholding dimensional stability. While native to Dimension 618, the species has since spread to other dimensions, most notably Dimension 623. Triangulums are gifted with various powers, called frequencies, that vary from individual to individual. Notable members of this species include Bill Cipher, mind magic specialist, and minor antagonist in american TV show Gravity Falls.


Triangulums are a triangle-shaped species, with bodies around four feet in hight. While initially an equilateral, Triangulums are somewhat malleable and can stretch themselves in various directions. Triangulums have at least four limbs, although sporting an extra set of arms is not unheard of. Said limbs are a pair of arms and legs, colored black, and just as malleable as the rest of the body. Triangulums have one eye, which takes up around a third of their total surface area. The eye is realatively human-like in shape, with a pupil and two eyelids. Triangulums, despite what a certain person says, are not two-point-five dimensional, as this is impossible. They are, in fact, three-dimensional, but have almost no width, leading most to believe this misconception. Triangulums seem to be composed of a granite-like substance, compounded together in bricks. The bricks are more prominently seen to the bottom of a triangulum, as those higher up will wear down, becoming almost seamless.

Triangulums communicate by connecting themselves to frequencies and vibrating themselves in place, producing sound waves. They appear to glow or shimmer when doing so, as most other life-forms cannot visually process the rate at which they move.

The species called Triangulums, in fact, is composed of several subspecies. While not different enough to be considered entirely different species, a species will determine several traits in a triangulum's appearance, personality, and magic style. The following are the most notable branches.

Triangulum LegemEdit

Triangulums known for their intelligence. Legem are one of the more common subspecies, being excellent political leaders, inventors, and writers, among other things. Typically, a Legem's magic will revolve around manipulating existing energy. While somewhat weaker, it is much easier to control in large amounts.

Legems tend to be brighter in coloration, and they have an eye for fashion, often sporting ties and suits. Eyelashes are commonplace.

Triangulum FortitudoEdit

Fortitudo are another common subspecies, renowed for their strength, speed, and skill in battle. They have heightened reflexes, and are challenging adverseries in almost anything. Fortitudo are highly protective of those close to them, and seldom back down from a challenge. Their frequencies come in larger bursts, dispensing directly from them. Sometimes, however, this can be hard to control, and an artifact is required to assist them. Fortitudo are one of the few subspecies that can have hair.

A Fortitudo that does not carry around a prized weapon or magical amulet at all times is very rare indeed.

Triangulum EntangulumEdit

The rarest branch of triangulum, Entangulum are far and few in between, only a few being born every generation. They are only noteworthy because of their massive frequent potential, or mE. Entangulum are not considered a 'true' class by many, as it can be seen as a condition rather than a species. The status of being an Entangulum has never been proven to be passed on hereditarily, although it may lie dormant for a large number of generations before activating again.

Many young Entangulum die rather quickly as a side effect of overestimating their not-yet-bottomless magic and exerting themselves too much. The only known currently alive Entangulum is named Bill Cipher.



Triangulum technology is very advanced, and revolves around the harnessing of frequencies. Triangulums are much less reliant on their technology than most, as those with substantial mE can usually replicate the effects of a device manually.

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