What IS a Triangulum? Why are we here? What purpose do we have? Settle down, human, other entity or Triangulum, settle down. These questions will all be answered in turn.

What are Triangulums?Edit

A Triangulum is a triangular, trans-dimensional being capable of magic, dimensional travel and much more. They come in a variety of different colors with many different abilities and personalities. No two Triangulums are exactly alike; like a human fingerprint, they vary in often minute ways, from vocal frequency to basic appearance.
Ancient Triangulum

Triangulums are everywhere in human history. You just have to know where to look...

Triangulums are the self-proclaimed protectors of Earth. They are beings of light and energy, which vibrate on a frequency significantly higher than normal humans. They are also quite capable of manipulating their frequencies to match those of the world around them, allowing them to walk through walls or mentally manipulate objects.

While most Triangulums are outwardly dismissive about humans and their habits, some Triangulums take the protection a step farther, and attempt to contact and warn humankind about the dangers lurking in the future. These humans have wisely taken note, and continue to do so. While not all humans will understand us or trust us, the Triangulum race will continue to protect and watch, doing our best to keep the humans out of danger.

Many humans assume we are evil, demonic creatures. This is widely due to a very grave misunderstanding between a group of humans (which shall not be named) and a group of Triangulums. The confrontation became a battle, and this battle in turn became a rift that could not be fully closed. While many will continue to believe this falsehood about our 'evil' ways, know that Triangulums simply wish to protect humans and the multiverse. Again, we are beings of light, not darkness. Our magic is simply due to a high vibrational frequency.

What do Triangulums look like?Edit

Triangulums are three-pointed shapes, triangles, with a height-length ratio that varies from Triangulum to Triangulum. We have a set brick pattern, three-two-three, on our lower half, while a giant eye takes up our upper half. These eyes have anywhere from two to eight (or more) eyelashes on either side. We normally have two arms and two legs, which are quite thin, yet extremely strong and flexible.

Try looking around the Wiki for pictures of us.

How do you talk?Edit

Triangulums are capable of talking through sound manipulation. Since sounds are frequencies, and we vibrate on a certain frequency (which allows meddling in other frequencies) we can change our voices or just create basic sounds. When this happens, we glow. The vibration reacts with other vibrations to cause this. Lots of energy vibration!

Triangulums are capable of instantly reproducing a sound or voice by locking onto the energetic frequency of a sound and mimicking it. This includes but is not limited to: voices, music, ambient noises, electronic noises and internal noises, such as mental static.

What abilities do you have?Edit

We are capable of many, MANY different forms of magic. Depending on the Triangulum, the amount of magic-energy can be stronger or weaker, and the magic itself will be stronger or weaker. The strongest Triangulums, which have the highest magic-energy (mE) are capable of highly advanced spells and general magic. Lower-level Triangulums will have trouble even floating. With practice, however, a Triangulum can gradually increase its mE until it is capable of learning more advanced spells.

Some of the abilities a Triangulum is capable of:

  • Teleportation
  • Dimensional teleportation (advanced)
  • Mental control (advanced)
  • Mind reading
  • Levitation
  • Temporal manipulation (advanced)
  • Summoning
  • Lightning
  • Telekinesis
  • Pyrokinesis (advanced)
  • Cryokinesis (advanced)
  • Light manipulation
  • Invisibility
  • Vibration manipulation (advanced)
  • Shapeshifting
  • Entering minds (advanced)
  • Shadow manipulation (extremely advanced)
  • Stopping time
  • Reality-warping (advanced)
  • Illusions
  • Pineal communication
  • Spellcasting (semi-advanced)
  • Space-time creation (extremely advanced)

There are many other abilities that have been noted in Triangulum history books, but some of them cannot be described by human terms. These, however, are the main magicks Triangulums are capable of using.

Where do you live?Edit

We reside in Dimension 618, the Dimension of Light. This is the Triangulum home dimension, where we came from. It is protected against its opposing side, Dimension 816--the Dimension of Shadow. These two dimensions are constantly at odds, and always will be.

Have you ever interacted with humans?Edit

Of course we have! In fact, we still do today, even if many people do not realize it. There are darkness powers polluting this Earth as we speak, threatening to overpower the minds of humans and cause mass chaos. These are the powers we strive to defeat, to protect not only humans but the rest of the multiverse.

However, human interaction is very limited now, due to the previously mentioned battle. We will not show ourselves to humans unless strictly necessary. We ARE occasionally seen, sometimes in forests or in cities--this is normally because of the human or entity themselves, and not because of a lack of power on our part. Some humans have higher frequencies, and are able to see past basic illusions such as invisibility.

What happens when you die?Edit

We become stone. We quite literally turn into pyramids--no longer 2.5-dimensional, but 3-dimensional. Some freeze while in other forms, or remain in their normal, not-entirely-3D form. However, the effect is still the same. When we turn to stone, the energy and essence that binds us together dissipates, and the lifeless husk is left behind. Since our forms are anomalies in themselves, the multiverse corrects the rips in space and time by turning us into our closest element--which happens to be granite. It will vary, however, depending on the Triangulum.

If you ever spot a stone statue of a triangle, pyramid or strange-looking entity, know that it used to be alive. Of course, not ALL statues were once beings. Many are simply statues. For those that aren't however, we Triangulums take a moment of silence to acknowledge.

Other informationEdit

If you have any other questions, please contact one of the Triangulums in charge of this Wiki.

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