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Please take all of this extremely old 'information' with a massive grain of salt. This website is no longer up to date or accurate by ANY means, and is only still in existence as an archive for the mistakes of the past.


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The Triangulum Community

(Community of Triangulums) Studio:


      SEMPER VIGILANTUM (Always Watching in Latin)

        Magister Mentium (Master of Minds in Latin)

First, what a Triangulum is.
A Triangulum is a triangular being from Dimension 618 with many powers, such as listed:

  • -Entering dreams
  • -Electrokinesis (Electric force)
  • -Telekinesis (the force)
  • -Levitation
  • -Illusions
  • -Nightmares in reality
  • -Telepathy
  • -Pyrokinesis (Fire force)
  • -Cryokinesis (Ice force)
  • -Lasers (finger gun, eye laser)
  • -Temporal Manipulation
  • -Teleportation
  • -And Much More...

They can also learn spells to float, manipulate their shape, and so on.

We have many weaknesses as well; our eyes are particularly vulnerable to attacks. If we are not careful, we can be corrupted with darkness. We can use too much power and shatter. The list goes on; for our powers, we have weaknesses.

The Triangulums are the protectors of light. We fight the darkness in order to protect the less-powerful races from becoming corrupted or overthrown--for example, humans. While this normally goes quite *cough*well*cough*, there have been problems. Humans, not knowing that we are trying to help them, assume the worst and flee from us. Sometimes they even attack us, or side with the darkness. This is why we must protect the innocent races; they do not know any better.

As of October 1st, we separated from Gravity Falls.

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